Nashville Predators: Predicting the Western Conference Play-In Matchups

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The NHL really did their homework in coming up with a complex playoff format that includes a play-in round, one that the Nashville Predators are in.

This has a feel of college basketball’s March Madness with this play-in round that the NHL is including in their return-to-play plan. It’s creative and is definitely creating a lot of buzz.

Even fans and analysts outside of hockey are finding intrigue in the NHL’s plan to not only have a postseason, but also give the fringe teams a chance to play their way into the field.

Initially I was skeptical over this idea. I thought there were too many teams being included and it was too gimmicky. But I’m coming around on it to the point that I actually really like it.

With that said, here’s a ranking list of the most interesting matchups in the Western Conference play-in round, and who the Predators might eventually run into if they advance.

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