Oh Captain, My Captain: Nashville Predators Captains Through History

Nashville Predators (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Nashville Predators (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /
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Let’s take a time machine through the history of the Nashville Predators to pay our respect to each team captain who has led the franchise from its inception.

There have been several great leaders for to wear the captain’s patch on their sweater for the Nashville Predators over the last two-plus decades.

Ah, election day. A day to make your voice heard. A day where we as a country get to pick the next “captain” of the United States, and many other leaders.

As we move past what was a memorable day, one way or another, it seems like as good a day as ever to look back at examples of leadership, team captains, within the Nashville Predators franchise.

Some of these captains may have not been in the position long, and their impact may not be as great as others, but on a day where leadership is at the forefront of the conversation, we should look back in reverence of those who led the Predators franchise to where it is today.

So, take a break from doom-scrolling social media, and let’s take a moment to appreciate those who have worn the “C” on a Predators jersey (even the mustard ones).