Nashville Predators Offseason: Quirky Thanksgiving Edition

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As the offseason drags on for the Nashville Predators with no clear end in sight, we turn our attention to Thanksgiving and players as…Thanksgiving dishes? Yeah, we’re going there.

Who knows exactly when we’ll see the Nashville Predators back on the ice, but Thanksgiving is almost here so let’s have a little fun, Smashville style.

Thanksgiving is a time for food, family, and friends, albeit with some alterations this year due to current events.

At least we can count on the Lions taking an “L” like clockwork. Though Thanksgiving may look different this year, it’s a time to reflect on what one is thankful for, a time to relax and enjoy some down time, to laugh a little.

It’s also a time for debate, whether you try to avoid it or not. Instead of debating politics (please, no), how about a healthy debate on what Nashville Predators players would be if they were Thanksgiving dishes? Gobble gobble, y’all. Let’s dig in.

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