Nashville Predators Might Be Interested in Mikael Granlund Again

Nashville Predators center Mikael Granlund (64) Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
Nashville Predators center Mikael Granlund (64) Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports /

The failed experiment might work better the second time, right? The Nashville Predators might be willing to go down that road again.

This offseason has been crazy for many reasons so far for the Nashville Predators and the rest of the NHL. The player movement isn’t over yet.

The Predators have made several roster changes this offseason, and in return addressed some roster needs. However, the departure of Mikael Granlund might become the latest addition when it’s all said and done.

According to Andy Strickland of Fox Sports Midwest, the Predators are still in the running for both Granlund and Mike Hoffman:

Hoffman has been in the rumor mill for the Predators since free agency opened, but Granlund was never thought of as a potential return player. I’ll admit that I’m surprised he hasn’t found a landing spot.

So for a reduced price, is bringing Granlund back a good thing for the Predators? The guy still has value, but at what cost is the question.

Clearly Granlund didn’t live up to expectations with the Predators. They gave up Kevin Fiala for him, and he never came close to his 60-plus point pace in Minnesota.

You can blame other factors on Granlund’s lack of productivity, but the Predators were right in not bringing him back initially. Now that no teams have signed him up to this point, maybe you can get him for a better deal.

If Granlund did come back to the Predators, where you would fit him in is interesting. Luke Kunin fits into the second line most likely with Matt Duchene. Would you possibly give Granlund another look on the second line with that combination?

Then there’s Eeli Tovlanen. Everyone expects him to finally break into the NHL on a fulltime basis this season. We absolutely need to see regular minutes from Tolvanen and come up with a conclusion on him as an NHL regular.

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Granlund could still bring value to this team that needs offensive playmakers. The team addressed a lot of of defensive needs, but a lot of the scoring load is going to rest on the top of the lineup.

In the end I don’t think Granlund is coming back to Nashville, but his latest news is pretty eye-opening. Out of the two, I’d rather have Hoffman in Nashville. My money would say neither ends up signing here.