Nashville Predators Draft History: Grading the Early Draft Classes

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Drafting isn’t a perfect science in any sport, and it’s always easier to look back on the “smart” picks and “stupid” picks. How have the Nashville Predators faired in history?

If you’ve followed the Nashville Predators since the inaugural 1998-99 season, then kudos to you. You’re a true fan that deserved all of the joy they brought you when the team reached the Stanley Cup Final in 2017.

You also know it was a long journey of being massive underdogs to climb to the top of the Western Conference. A lot of strong draft picks to build the foundation, but also a lot of choices that will make you want to bang your head against the wall.

The Predators just drafted the top goaltender prospect in the draft, perhaps a generational goaltender, in Iaroslav Askarov in the most recent draft.

It will be many years before we know the ramifications of that pick.

We’re starting a four-part series of the history of Predators draft picks and how they faired, First up, the 1998 inaugural draft to 2002.

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