Behind the Bench: Possible Futures for Nashville Predators

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Barry Trotz 8/26/20
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The Homecoming Long Shot

I’m going to preface this segment with this: I know the name I’m about to throw out is a long shot, and HIGHLY unlikely. He has 2 more years on his current contract, and a team currently second in its division.

However, this man built this franchise, he is beloved by the city and Nashville Predators faithful, and if by some miracle he decided to leave his current gig and come back, the fanbase would immediately embrace him and likely have a little faith restored in the front office.

I’m talking about Barry Trotz.

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Listen, I know, it is so highly unlikely that Trotzy would make a return behind the bench in Bridgestone Arena. I know we’re more likely to go through another “stop-gap” coach or two before we would actually hire him when his contract expires in Long Island.

However, coaches leave jobs all the time, and Nashville is different for a guy who spent two decades hear defining the team’s identity for years to come.

Smashville wouldn’t be what it is without Barry Trotz. Does his system necessarily work for the roster we have now? Maybe not necessarily (though he’s been known to do more with less). I do believe he could take our veteran defense, mix it with the young talented blue liners, and create something that while it may not be flashy, would be highly formidable.

Maybe it’s that we had to see him win his well-deserved Stanley Cup with the Washington Capitals, or the fact that he’s turned the Islanders into a contender, but there’s nostalgia around Trotzy, and it sure would be nice to bring him home and see him bring the best trophy in sports to Bridgestone.