Nashville Predators: Best and Worst Trades over the Last Decade

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Trade season is upon us for the Nashville Predators and the rest of the NHL. But even more so for teams like the Predators who are facing the reality of a rebuild in their near futures.

Every trade season we see teams who are heavy buyers and teams who are heavy sellers.

Currently the Predators are perceived as sellers, but they’re also unexpectedly making another strong push towards a playoff spot. These trades that they could end up making could affect the team for years and years to come.

The Predators have made plenty of excellent trades over the team’s history. Some of these trades still dramatically affect the team today.

It usually takes a few seasons after the trade to know if it was a good trade or not. I went back and looked at all of the trades, both insignificant and groundbreaking, to pick the best and worst trades for the Predators.

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