Nashville Predators: Cody Glass’ Development is Special to Watch

Apr 4, 2023; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Nashville Predators center Cody Glass (8) skates with the puck during the third period against the Vegas Golden Knights at Bridgestone Arena. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 4, 2023; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Nashville Predators center Cody Glass (8) skates with the puck during the third period against the Vegas Golden Knights at Bridgestone Arena. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports /

The Nashville Predators earned a gutsy 3-2 overtime victory over the Vegas Golden Knights on Tuesday night, keeping their playoff hopes alive for yet another day. And as of shutting out the Carolina Hurricanes on Thursday night, the Predators now control their own destiny in what is going to be a heated battle for the last spot in the Western Conference.

Cody Glass got the game winning goal in the extra frame on Tuesday, and it was just another bright spot on what has turned out to be a tremendous year for his career trajectory.

Watching the goal happen in real time, it was somewhat lucky, but that does not make it any less deserved for the young center.

While Glass’ development as a player alone has been admirable to watch, the passion he brings night in and night out makes it even that much more enjoyable. Yes, every player especially youngsters get excited when they score and make big plays, but it is something else with Glass that seems almost contagious.

It is evident from the reaction to last night’s goal and other moments this year that he is as driven to succeed as anyone who plays the game. Based on that, the sky is the limit for what he can accomplish as he gains more experience.

Glass’ hard work is paying off for himself and Nashville Predators

Coming into the season, it is safe to say that Glass felt the pressure as far as him sustaining a career in the NHL. Having been five years removed from his draft No.6 overall selection and never even sniffing a full season at the highest level, the 2022-23 season was unmistakably going to be a turning point for him.

Although playing in the final two games of the playoffs for the Predators last year was an encouraging sign, Glass knew that he had to put in some serious work if he wanted to be kept on the roster for good.

His reaction to officially making the team in Episode 2 of “Behind the Glass” — which took place right before the season started — showed just how much it meant to him that his efforts were being rewarded. But it still would not be a smooth ride for him in the ensuing weeks and months.

Glass would be healthy scratched a few games, being yet another big question mark among the youth at that point in the year. It was definitely not all on him, as John Hynes was not giving him a fair chance, but seeing him just sit and watch for several games in November was concerning.

Additionally, watching former teammate Eeli Tolvanen get placed on waivers could not have eased Glass’ mind. Regardless of that and everything else, he has powered through and continued to get better the more opportunity he has had.

While Glass recording career highs in goals and assists — 14 and 19 respectively in 67 games — has been good in its own right, seeing him truly excel further and further at his game has been what has mattered.

Glass is Rounding Out his Game Nicely in First Full Season in NHL

Glass has become just a great presence in the middle of the ice, being able to provide presence down low, while also having a good enough shot to score from farther out in the slot. He does just as good of a job passing the puck, being exactly what is needed at the center position.

Nearly six years since being selected sixth overall, Glass is finally starting to live up to the hype once centered around him. And based on how invested he is in his development, he has a good chance to be a real force in this league one day.

In the NHL and other leagues, you have to have extreme confidence to succeed and showing tons of emotion can sometimes be seen as a bad thing since great players should just expect to make great plays. Whatever stigma there is associated with it, Glass has convincingly defied.

We know that players in sports do not prove themselves until they are in pressure moments, and Glass has succeeded in what has been a pressure moment in his career. Exactly how much pressure he has been under might be debatable, but it is fair to say that if he did not show serious progress this year, he would have been put under some real heat.

Glass is finding his way each and every time, and much of that can be attributed to the fire he brings every night. Whether the Predators are winning or losing, making an on-ice contribution means the world to him, and he acts like it is his last game when he is out there.

Scoring the game-winner a few nights ago against the team that previously gave up on him was a moment that has to make you just feel over the moon for him. It makes it even more special considering that it might have kept his own team’s playoff hopes going when they were hanging by a thread.

Skills, passion, and most importantly drive for the game are highly indicative of a successful career in the NHL, and Glass brings all of those and more without fail. The Predators are lucky to have him as part of their plan to build for the future.