Nashville Predators Playoff History: The Five Best Individual Performances

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Today we’re looking back into Nashville Predators playoff history as the team failed to reach the postseason here in 2023 for the first time since 2014. A streak that was second-longest in the NHL, only trailing the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The fanbase has gotten somewhat spoiled over the past eight years just expecting to at least be in the playoffs, despite falling apart usually in the first round. Be that as it may, there have still been plenty of heroic individual performances in Nashville Predators playoff history.

The Predators have made the playoffs in 15 of its 24 seasons of existence, which is an impressive feat of consistency for the regular season, but makes it all the more painful to think of how little playoff success there’s been aside from 2017.

In those 15 playoff appearances, the Predators are just a mediocre 54-71, with current Head Coach John Hynes having a putrid record of 3-11.

This took some digging deep and some tough choices to make to narrow it down to five individual performances that were the best and most memorable over the 15 playoff appearances for the Nashville Predators.

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