Captain Candidates if Nashville Predators Didn’t Have Roman Josi

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We’re hearing a lot of talk lately about NHL teams naming their new captains, and we know that the Nashville Predators have been all set for a while in this important area by having Roman Josi.

Josi has been captain of the Nashville Predators since 2017-18 and has been the premiere superstar of the team during that run, including a Norris Trophy win in 2020 and representing the Predators in the 2017 Stanley Cup Final.

Including Josi, the Nashville Predators have had seven captains in their team history, starting with Tom Fitzgerald until 2002. Josi is the longest tenured Predators captain, with Shea Weber being captain for six seasons.

It’s important to note that this is purely speculative and in no way suggesting that Josi shouldn’t be captain, so just stop with that. Also, Juuse Saros would make a great captain if goalie were allowed to serve as on-ice captains, which they are not according to NHL, IIHF and Hockey Canada standards.

Goalies can be unofficially named team captains and just not wear the “C” patch or perform any on-ice captain duties.

So it begs the question of who would make a great Nashville Predators captain if Josi wasn’t currently on the Predators? Let’s throw out some candidates.

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