5 Keys for the Nashville Predators to Survive Tough January Schedule

With a tough January schedule coming up, there are several parts of their game that the Predators need to refine before facing these powerhouse teams.
Calgary Flames v Nashville Predators
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Calgary Flames v Nashville Predators / Brett Carlsen/GettyImages

3. Eliminating Defense and Neutral Zone Turnovers

Turnovers have been one of the biggest causes in the Preds losing their leads, as the team collectively tends to get relatively sloppy when holding a multi-goal lead. 

The main cause of these turnovers have been the defensemen trying to clear their own zone too quickly, leading to inaccurate passing.

There have been several instances where Alexandre Carrier, Jeremy Lauzon, and Luke Schenn have fallen victim to these turnovers, and a few of them have been right behind the net, leading to sure scoring chances that the goaltenders have no chance on.

In order to fix this, the team needs to be more patient with their passes and not rush a play that isn’t there. When trying to enter their offensive zone, it is important to be decisive with their passing and make sure that they don’t put the puck in situations that can lead to odd man rushes.