Five Teams Nashville Predators Could Trade with Before 2024 Trade Deadline

Ottawa Senators v Nashville Predators
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Feb 24, 2024; Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN;  Vancouver Canucks defenseman Filip Hronek (17)
Feb 24, 2024; Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN; Vancouver Canucks defenseman Filip Hronek (17) / Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks have been arguably the NHL's most surprising team this year. They have soared beyond expectations and come out of nowhere to not only be in a firm playoff spot, but be right at the top of the league standings for a Presidents Trophy.

The Canucks came into the year expected to be sellers at this point in the season, but they are going to end up being heavy buyers. They have shown their hand in that regard, as they traded for Elias Lindholm from the Calgary Flames over a full month ago.

There is no need for them to stop there, as the right side of their defense is one area where they could use help. Enter Tyson Barrie, who is one of the top trade candidates on the Predators.

Barrie has been rumored to be out of Nashville for three months now, and it has been a pretty rough year overall for him. His play on the ice has resulted in him being a healthy scratch often, and he noticeably upset Trotz with how the information about his trade probability was publicized.

That being said, Barrie is still a solid veteran with strong offensive and power playabilities, and contending teams would find him as a worthy add especially with how cheap he would be.

The Canucks could also use additions to their bottom six in preparation for the absolute grind that is the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and that is where Kiefer Sherwood comes in. He is what he is as a gritty and energetic rotational forward, and is a depth piece who, like Barrie, would not cost them much in a trade.

Although the Predators would not get much out of this trade in terms of actual capital, they would be smart to make the deal. The situation with Barrie has not gotten any less awkward and anything you can get in return for Sherwood is a plus, so Trotz should just take what he can get and be alright with it.

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