Four Things to Address for Nashville Predators Post Roster Freeze

The Predators at 19-15-0 have exceeded early season expectations, but their roster still has a lot of fluidity and questions to be answered.
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Tyson Barrie, Nashville Predators
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Find a Trade Partner for Tyson Barrie, Take Whatever You Can Get

When Tyson Barrie first made it publicly clear that he was seeking a trade from the Nashville Predators, the first thought was this would get done pretty quickly for the sake of both sides.

That just hasn't happened, and the reason isn't entirely clear, but my inclination is that the General Manager Barry Trotz hasn't gotten an offer he likes enough, and he also doesn't want to retain any of Barrie's $4.5M salary.

Eventually Trotz is going to have to take whatever he can get for Barrie and move on from this. The Predators defensive corps is back logged, and Barrie can free up room for Spencer Stastney to get called back up.

I also don't like seeing Dante Fabrro get healthy scratched when he's arguably the third best defenseman on this team behind Roman Josi and Ryan McDonagh.

I'm willing to take a late round draft pick for Barrie just so this can be put behind us, and in the process the Predators can free up a little more cap space.

Barrie played in 17:37 of ice time in the loss to Dallas on Saturday, and has played in 30 of Nashville's 34 games on the season. Fabbro was healthy scratched and has played in just 25 of Nashville's 34 games. This has to be remedied after the roster freeze.