Looking Back at Some Notable Comebacks in Nashville Predators History

It doesn't get much more thrilling than watching your favorite team make a huge comeback for the win.
St Louis Blues v Nashville Predators - Game Four
St Louis Blues v Nashville Predators - Game Four / Frederick Breedon/GettyImages
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Dan Vladar
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February 27, 2020: Granny Scores With 1 Second Left against Flames

Ok, so this one isn't a colossal comeback in terms of a multi-goal deficit, but the to score inside one second left in regulation to tie it up just doesn't happen very often in hockey. That's more of an NBA thing.

When the Predators and Flames get together, you can always expect plenty of drama and that's exactly how this game went. The Predators gave up the go-ahead goal to the Flames inside 60 seconds remaining, deflating the home crowd in a game where both teams put up a lot of shots.

There would be a mad scramble in front of the net and Mikael Granlund would beat David Rittich for the tying goal to send it to overtime. A literal buzzer beater in hockey.

Overtime would come and Granlun would strike again just 1:20 in the extra frame, sending the Predators to the unlikely victory and the Flames left shellshocked. It would put Granlund at 17 goals on the season, and Saros would make 36 saves in the win.

I know the Predators didn't come back from three goals down to win this one, but I can't do a comeback list when a team scores with less than one second remaining and then go on to win it in overtime. I just can't.