Nashville Predators Christmas Wish List for 2024: Barrie, Forsberg, Sissons, Brunette

The Predators enter the short holiday break in the top wildcard spot. Here's the Christmas wish list for some players going into 2024.
Dec 23, 2023; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Nashville Predators center Colton Sissons (10)
Dec 23, 2023; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Nashville Predators center Colton Sissons (10) / Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
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Tyson Barrie, Nashville Predators
Dec 15, 2023; Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Nashville Predators defenseman Tyson Barrie (22) / James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

1. Tyson Barrie Finds a New Team & Dante Fabbro Becomes Regular Starter Again

This gift is for both sides, but Tyson Barrie deserves a new slate somewhere else. He has a lot to give for a team that needs him, but that team isn't the Predators who have a plethora of NHL worthy defenseman who need playing time.

Barrie is taking away starts from Dante Fabrro, who was healthy scratched in the loss to the Stars and has missed nine of the Predators' 34 games. Barrie has missed only four.

I'm sure Barrie wants to get this behind him and find a playoff contending team. It can't be easy hanging over your head playing for a team that's almost certainly not in your long-term, or even short-term future.

As for Fabbro, he's the third-best defenseman the Predators have in my humble opinion, only behind Roman Josi and Ryan McDonagh. It's a travesty that he's getting the healthy scratches when he's actually the player that has a much higher chance of benefiting your push for the postseason and beyond in 2024.

I realize it's hard to bench Barrie when you're trying to trade him, and that's the conundrum we find ourselves in. Barry Trotz might have to cave a little and take what he can get for Barrie just to move on.

So my Christmas wish list for Barrie is to find a new team that needs him, and for Fabbro to get back to being a regular starter, preferably on Josi's top pairing.

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