Ranking Nashville Predators 2024 Free Agents Who Need to Be Re-Signed

The Predators have several key free agents in 2024, and the simple answer to the equation is you can't keep everyone you want.

Jan 13, 2024; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Nashville Predators defenseman Alexandre Carrier (45)
Jan 13, 2024; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Nashville Predators defenseman Alexandre Carrier (45) / Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
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Juuso Parssinen, Nashville Predators
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4. Juuso Parssinen: 2024 RFA, $850,333 Cap Hit on Entry Level Contract

Juuso Parssinen is one of three players currently getting regular NHL starts that are still on their entry level contract. The Predators are getting a massive amount of value out of these young players right now.

Is there more to be desired from Parssinen's game right now? Yes, I think it's fair to feel that way, but also you have to realize how raw of a player Parssinen still is at age 22 as a former 2019 7th-Round draft pick.

Parssinen broke into the Predators lineup last season and hasn't looked back. He has played in 42 of the Predators' 44 games this season, with 12 points and three of his eight goals being empty netters.

Obviously we'd like to see Parssinen find more consistentncy in his offense, but you have to trust the process and be patient with his development. He has all the tools to become a vital piece of the Predators' long-term future.

Parssinen shouldn't be very difficult to get re-signed as a restricted free agent and get his first NHL standard contract. You have to remain committed to your young core if you're Trotz, and I don't see him trading any young pieces away at the 2024 deadline unless he has just completely given up on the development of one of these young players like Parssinen.

I'd be willing to commit around two years at $1.5 million per year for Parssinen. The next two years can be very telling into where he's heading in his NHL development. You certainly can't give up on him now and watch him flourish elsewhere.