Revisiting the Biggest Stories for the Nashville Predators in 2023

The new year is here, and the new look Nashville Predators under Andrew Brunette and Barry Trotz's leadership enter 2024 with rejuvenation.
Toronto Maple Leafs v Nashville Predators
Toronto Maple Leafs v Nashville Predators / Brett Carlsen/GettyImages
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What a crazy and unpredictable year it was for the Nashville Predators organization. A lot of change, a lot of excitement, and plenty of heartbreak as well.

In what has been called a "retool" year for the Predators with first year head coach Andrew Brunette and first year General Manager Barry Trotz, the team is still right in the thick of the playoff race.

There is a lot of optimism for the long-term future for the Predators with a prospect pool that has gotten stronger, and a new vision from Brunette's offensive style of coaching.

With that, let's look back at the biggest stories from 2023 for the Nashville Predators.