The Nashville Predators Fight A Lot, But Aren't Particularly Good At It

It isn't a real problem, but it is a bummer.

Ottawa Senators v Nashville Predators
Ottawa Senators v Nashville Predators / Donald Page/GettyImages
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The Nashville Predators have never been known as a soft team. They aren't this year by any stretch of the imagination but according to some of the fans, they are not often taking decisions, and have a pretty poor overall fighting record.

The database of aweseomness known as has the Predators as having 25 fights so far this year. That's second most in the league behind only the Minnesota Wild.

As a whole, fighting in the league is up. The Predators have proven that they are willing to throw hands when the time calls for it, and even be the aggressors as well. Here's a rundown of who has fought so far, and their 2023-24 records. Spoiler, it isn't going to be good.