The Nashville Predators Fight A Lot, But Aren't Particularly Good At It

It isn't a real problem, but it is a bummer.
Ottawa Senators v Nashville Predators
Ottawa Senators v Nashville Predators / Donald Page/GettyImages
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Roman Josi : 1 Fight, 0-1-0 via, Voted 4.58

The captain got involved in a big scrum against the Detroit Red Wings, which resulted in Josi engaging in fisticuffs with...Alex DeBrincat? Essentially what happened is that Saros gets bumped by JT Compher who ends up in an intense hug wrestling session with Dante Fabbro while Josi grabs DeBrincat, whose lid pops off in the process.

DeBrincat starts running his mouth and Josi laughs and accepts the offer to dance. DeBrincat to his credit gets in close and folds up Josi so he can't move and simply has to eat a few punches before they end up on the ground.

Thankfully Josi isn't risking his hands and chin in fights very often. Though he does have a win over noted rat Brad Marchand.