The Nashville Predators Fight A Lot, But Aren't Particularly Good At It

It isn't a real problem, but it is a bummer.
Ottawa Senators v Nashville Predators
Ottawa Senators v Nashville Predators / Donald Page/GettyImages
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Luke Schenn: 3 Fights, 2-1-0 Via

So Schenn is no stranger to fights. Including this year's bouts, he's participated in 84 of them. He's had three so far this season and actually has a winning record (a rarity amongst the Predators) as he's one of the better fighters in the league.

Strong, left-handed, and experienced Schenn is a very tough out for most fighters. He's beaten Marcus Foligno and Josh Anderson and dropped one to Ross Johnstone, who at 6'5" is one of the last remaining heavyweight specialists in the league.

Anderson was Schenn's most recent victim, finding out that Schenn is not the Predator you want to tangle with.