The Nashville Predators Fight A Lot, But Aren't Particularly Good At It

It isn't a real problem, but it is a bummer.
Ottawa Senators v Nashville Predators
Ottawa Senators v Nashville Predators / Donald Page/GettyImages
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Michael McCarron: 6 Fights, 0-5-1 Via

"Big Sexy" is the defacto heavyweight of the team. At 6'6" 232 pounds, McCarron is going to draw the most attention from fellow heavyweights across the league. However, McCarron is having his best season and is devloping into a very effective bottom-6 centerman who can also fight if needed.

McCarron was a first-round draft pick after all. Fighting has never really been his game, more so something he has to do because of his size. Thus it leads to fights with guys like Ross Johnstone, Mark Kastelic, and Tom Wilson.

McCarron's closest thing to a win was against Dennis Gilbert. It was voted a draw but features a showcase of McCarron's best skills as a tough guy.