Top 5 bargain contracts Nashville Predators have in 2024 offseason

The Nashville Predators have some great team-friendly contracts going into the 2024 offseason that will help them make other moves to upgrade the roster.
Nashville Predators v Vancouver Canucks - Game One
Nashville Predators v Vancouver Canucks - Game One / Derek Cain/GettyImages
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#3: Ryan O'Reilly, 3 years left at $4.5 million AAV

You can't mention Nyquist and the success of the top line without also including the center of that line, Ryan O'Reily. Originally signed in the 2023 offseason as a free agent who chose to surprisingly leave Toronto for Nashville and join the revamped Predators.

For what O'Reilly accomplished so quickly after joining the Predators was remarkable to watch unfold early in the season. There was no trial period for O'Reilly to start making his impact. He was an instant leader and upgrade that paid dividends to Filip Forsberg's career high 94-point season.

The Predators have always chased that superstar top line center, and while O'Reilly isn't what you would call "elite", he is about as close as you can get while making less than $5 million. That's just insane value for the Predators front office, and speaks volumes to Trotz's abilities to bring high profile free agents here.

O'Reilly, just about a year younger than Nyquist, also has probably passed his prime, but you wouldn't know it by going off his first season with Nashville. He was among the best power play goal scorers in the NHL for much of the season. His 43 assists were second-highest of his 15-year NHL career.

The way O'Reilly plays the game and his high hockey IQ, I don't see him dramatically dipping in production next season. That modest $4.5 million per year will continue to be such a bargain playing alongside Forsberg. We have to wait and see if Nyquist sticks around, or if the third spot on O'Reily's top line becomes up for grabs.