Predlines Headlines: The Funny Side of Hockey


Credit: Mike Strasinger-USA TODAY Sports

The long-storied history and excitement of the NHL is unquestioned by many. But despite all the prestige and seriousness surrounding the game, some times hockey produces some pretty funny moments.

Whether antics on social media, in-game entertainment or even gaffes during game action, the Nashville Predators have probably given us all a chuckle over the years. Sometimes laughing is just a part of hockey, and that’s the focus of today’s Predlines Headlines:

The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon gave his thoughts on the NHL Playoffs, including a “yearbook like” look at some very special players. Here’s the video:

I’m guessing this is not Matt Niskanen‘s mom’s favorite video…But Fallon is kind of right, all the awards given out by the NHL are a bit much at times. The Selke anyone?

The next awkwardly humorous moment from this week come thanks to Puck Daddy. After the Tampa Bay Lightning fell in game three to the Montreal Canadiens thanks to a controversial call, someone outside of the Bolts locker room also took exception to the referee’s ruling.

Things got a little weird on Hockey Night in Canada after the game as Greg Whyshynski relates.

A lot of times we make fun of broadcasters that simply report stats and don’t take a stance or give a fresh take, but I don’t think this is quite what we’re looking for either. 

And finally, the video we’ve all be looking for this year. A 15-minute compilation of some of the wackiest and funniest moments from the 2013-2014 season. Click to the three-minute mark for a penalty call slip involving the Predators. Stick tap to SomeHockeyVideos for the video:

Haha oh man, I had forgotten about the Jonathan Quick gaffe…and by that, I’m of course referring to his photobomb in the interview.

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