Nashville Predators Foes 2015: Carolina Hurricanes


We are looking at all of the Nashville Predators foes and are staying in the South to see how the ‘Canes did against us and what this season looks like:

 Today we look at: Carolina Hurricanes

Fansided Blog: Cardiac Cane

2014-15 record: 30-41-11, 8th in the Metropolitan, Didn’t make the playoffs

How the Preds did: 2 games, 1-1-0

Schedule this year against the Preds: Thur 10/8 Home Opener, Sat 1/2 at Carolina

Notable additions: G Eddie Lack,  D James Wisniewski,

Notable subtractions: RW Alexander Semin, D Brett Bellemore, RW Patrick Dwyer,  G Anton Khudobin

Coached by: Bill Peters (2nd season)

Who’s in Net: At the Entry Draft this year the ‘Canes traded picks to Vancouver for Eddie Lack.  They’ve been looking for a quality replacement or backup to Cam Ward for several seasons and Lack might be that guy.  They will probably duke it out and end up sharing starts this year. Both are in the final years of their contracts and decisions will have to be made at season’s end.

Quick thoughts about the Hurricanes:

  1. Even though their  power-play improved last year they were among the league’s worst in five-on-five with only 2.23 goals/game. That was in the bottom three in the league.
  2. This team is treading water with owner Peter Karmanos Jr. He is making noises about selling the team but remaining in an authority role.  In the meantime, salary negotiations with top players are going nowhere.  There are even rumors that this team could move to Seattle and evening up the conferences during expansion.
  3. For this team to make any noise at all this year, they need big bouncebacks from Jeff Skinner and Eric Staal. Both players had down year last season. Jordan Staal has only played one complete season in his past five.

Why the ‘Canes will win the Stanley Cup: If everyone bounces back and Eddie Lack comes in like Devan Dubnyk did for the Wild last year, who knows what could happen.  A lot needs to go right though.

Why the ‘Canes won’t win the Stanley Cup: We’re not sure if either goaltender is good enough but Cam Ward has had his chance.  They need to ride Lack’s back and see what happens.

Three Things We Like About You:

  1. We have to admit, we are rooting for all of the Southern hockey teams if for no other reason than to tick off those nose-up-the-air Northern fans that think there is no place for hockey South of Pennsylvania.  With expansion, we kind of hope we end up in the same division for a great rivalry.
  2. We love lots of things about North Carolina, but we have to admit that your ideas about BBQ aren’t near as good as ours. That being said, there is no BBQ that we don’t like.
  3. Cheaters  Never Win!  The shout that rolls down from the rafters after a penalty called on the other team is reminiscent of similar chants in Bridgestone Arena that make it so unique.  It’s creative and much better that clapping and stomping during the National Anthem or something silly like that!

Three Things We Don’t Like About You:

  1. We really hate that you have a Stanley Cup and we don’t. You haven’t been around the South much longer than we have although you had an established team to start with.  We will win one before you win another one, though!
  2. Okay, this might just be jumping on the bandwagon but we liked the Hartford Whalers too. They had a great logo and cool jerseys.
  3. Those all red uniforms are horrendous.  They may be the worst current uniforms in the entire NHL.  They look like pajamas that you get the kids to only wear on Christmas morning for the videos.

Prediction: We kind of feel for you.  Things are a little rough in just about every way right now and the light is still pretty far off in that tunnel.  We’re not sure you have a number one goalie on the team and you are paying a bunch for what you have.  Another year that you can stay home and watch the Predators in the playoffs.

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