Fans at a Nashville Predators Game. Part 2


Before we talk about our Nashville Predators fans, I’m going to start this post off by apologizing. I have failed you, dear reader, by not uploading this hilarious introduction to September like I should have. It should have been done 12 days ago I’m ashamed of myself. Truly, I feel terrible.

Now that you’ve seen that, I encourage all of you to reenact that video at your local office building. Trust me, your boss will love it. He might even give you a raise. *Editors Note: Neither raise nor job security is in any way guaranteed by Predlines or Fansided NHL*

Okay, so I guess it’s time to get semi-serious here and go through the final four groups of people you will see at any given Predators game this season. Be wary, you may find yourself lumped in with one of these groups. It’s okay though. You’re supposed to.

#5 Casual Fan I

This is the fan you will see that is from Tennessee and loves the Predators, but doesn’t know so much about hockey. They got dragged into the sport by their significant other, probably kicking and screaming… until they went to a game.

Now they are a hardcore fan. They don’t know much about the team, or even what “the trapezoid” is, but dammit, they love the Predators. They have a general idea of what’s going on, but you have to constantly remind them that Filip Forsberg isn’t related to Peter Forsberg.

This fan has done SOME research, but can’t name a single player on the fourth line. They have no idea who someone like Todd Bertuzzi is, but they’ll laugh at your joke about him anyway in order to fit in. This fan has their heart in the right place but just doesn’t have the experience to really talk about the sport. Their favorite player is invariably Mike Fisher or Carter Hutton.

Can be heard saying… “I love Carter Hutton. He’s so hot on TV, and he does the best interviews.”

#6 Casual Fan II

This is the natural progression from Casual Fan I. This fan can tell you every player on the roster, and maybe even what a positive Corsi rating means. They watch almost every game, especially after football ends. They have no idea about the world of hockey prior to 1998, because to them it didn’t exist.

You’re liable to find these fans hanging around the bars on Broadway before the games, adorned in moderately priced Predators gear and taking advantage of every drink special in sight. They used to despise the Red Wings, but now they hate the Blackhawks with the same aplomb. They know enough about hockey to hold a lively conversation, but haven’t skated on ice since their parents took them to Centennial for open skate when they were nine.

Can be heard saying… “Shea Weber got screwed out two Norris Trophies. He’s the best defenseman in the league by far. I don’t even know those other guys who won instead of him.”

#7 Rabid Predators Fan

Once again, this fan is the natural progression from Casual Fan II. This fan knows everything about the Predators. He knows everything about the Milwaukee Admirals (for any Casual Fans reading, that’s the Predators’ minor league affiliate). This fan knows more about the Nashville Predators than they do about their kids’ friends. Most likely a season ticket holder, their pre-game spot is the Lexus Lounge inside of Bridgestone Arena.

This fan knew that Colin Wilson was going to have a breakout year because they studied his Corsi and Fenwick from early in the season and figured he was due. How many points did Roman Josi have last year? This fan knows. How many points did Craig Smith have on night games played under a full moon over the last three years? This is the person to ask. You thought you liked the Predators? This person named their first-born Shea and bought a yellow gold Acura from Gary Force and put Bridgestone tires on it. Yeah, this is a fan. Or maybe Vince Gill. It’s probably Vince Gill.

Can be heard saying… “Shea Weber got screwed out of at least one Norris Trophy. Erik Karlsson doesn’t even play on the penalty kill.”

#8 Rabid Hockey Fan

Yeah. This guy. It’s invariably a guy because women have more sense than to get THIS involved in a sport. He’s an off-shoot of the Transplanted Northerner. This guy knows more about hockey than the NHL’s own historian. He can rattle off every Stanley Cup winner in order since 1977, and most of the runner-ups. He grew up playing pond hockey and might have had a chance to go pro if he “hadn’t gotten hurt back in 1973.”

He will absolutely talk down to you about your lack of hockey knowledge. He will insist, quite angrily, that Wayne Gretzky was only like the 8th best player to ever play the game. Nothing you can say will get him off of that point. His favorite player is probably someone like Gordie Howe, but don’t mention that Gordo may have been a wee bit dirty, because you’ll be subjected to a 5 minute tirade about how you don’t know what you’re talking about because you’re stupid.

Now, if you’re able to fight through all the garbage this guy is feeding you, there’s a chance you can glean a couple nuggets of real wisdom, but unless you’re willing to agree with every ridiculous thing he has to say, it’s not advised. But on the plus side, he’ll probably buy you a beer if you do.

Can be heard saying… “Yeah, the Predators are pretty good, but they never could have hung with Flyers back in the ’70’s. Hockey’s gotten soft. Shea Weber isn’t even that tough.”

So did I leave anyone off? Do you have some friends that don’t fit into any of these categories? Hit me up on Twitter and let me know. Maybe I can be persuaded to add a Part 3.

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