Nashville Predators David Poile on Jimmy Vesey

Jimmy Vesey at Predators Prospect Camp. Mandatory Photo Credit: Kristen Jerkins
Jimmy Vesey at Predators Prospect Camp. Mandatory Photo Credit: Kristen Jerkins /

The Nashville Predators David Poile gave some very interesting thoughts on Jimmy Vesey in an interview on 102.5 The Game last night.

Poile was being interviewed during the 4:00 hour on the Sports Night show by George Plaster, Willy Daunic and Floyd Reese.  You can hear the entire interview here.  When Plaster asked Poile if the Predators can do what they need to this season without a big contribution from Colin Wilson, Poile mentioned that Wilson is a “big missing piece” and would fill the need for a big left winger.

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He went on to say that Wilson’s health and contribution would make a difference at the trade deadline at the end of the month. He then went on to add, another wild card right after the trading deadline is left wing Jimmy Vesey. He said, “We have no idea how long his season is going to go, exactly and we have to sign him but we’ve told him all along and as recently as last week that we have a spot for him.”

He went on to say, ” I can see him starting right out on Ryan Johansen‘s line or Mike Fisher‘s line. I say that because Forsberg and Ribeiro have been playing well together for the past year or year and a half, but we would really like to give him a try.” 

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Plaster then went on to ask, “So you’re telling me that if you sign him, you start him out here immediately, no question, he is that good?”  Poile replied, “We really believe that physically he is a man, he’s big and strong.” “Physically he is ready to play.” He added, “as a college player he’s been dominant in a lot of areas. One of them is his skating and obviously, offensively he’s put up some really good numbers. So we truly believe he could come in and play right away.”

Jimmy Vesey at Predators Prospect Camp. Mandatory Photo Credit: Kristen Jerkins
Jimmy Vesey at Predators Prospect Camp. Mandatory Photo Credit: Kristen Jerkins /

After Daunic mentioned the ability for some players to come right out of college to help, Poile said, “We really have this need for a left wing with his size and ability and scoring potential.” He added, “All I can tell you is we are very hopeful to sign him and I tell you firmly that he’s not going to be going to Milwaukee, he’ll be coming here.”

Vesey is finishing his Senior year at Harvard and has 16 goals and 32 points in 20 games this season. Last season he had 32 goals and 58 points in 37 games.  He was a Hobey Baker finalist and is expected to be this year too. As Poile mentioned, it could be different time frames as to when he would be available because of when Harvard’s season will end depending on playoffs.

The Predators selected Vesey in the third round of the 2012 draft and hold exclusive rights to sign him to an entry-level contract through Aug. 15, 2016. If they don’t sign him by then, he becomes a free agent and can join any NHL team. He has repeatedly said that he remains loyal to the Preds and intends to sign with them although there are rumors that other teams like Toronto, feel they have a good chance as well.

Back in December, he attended the Predators game in Boston against the Bruins and spoke to Adam Vingan of the Tennessean who wrote this article.  He told Vingan:

"“Yeah, I still have a great relationship with the team,” he said. “Development coach Scott Nichol and the Nashville scouts have been at my games and getting my game tapes and sending me feedback. I still have a great relationship with them. My dad’s a scout for the Leafs, but I wouldn’t read too much into that.”"

The possibility of Vesey joining the Predators for the stretch run and/or playoffs is an intriguing one to be sure. As Poile mentioned to 102.5, he would fill a big need and would possibly help chip in with much-needed scoring.

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Later in the interview when Poile was asked about the trade deadline, he said, “I like our team.” He mentioned that they could add left wingers Vesey, Colin Wilson and Gabriel Bourque without a trade. He told the interviewers, “Maybe this is the team.”

Photo Credits and thanks go to Kristen Jerkins Photography.