Nashville Predators Jimmy Vesey Mounting Tension

The Nashville Predators mascot at Bridgestone Arena. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports
The Nashville Predators mascot at Bridgestone Arena. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports /

The Nashville Predators, as well as their fans, are all waiting for a decision in the coming days.

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They are waiting to hear if Jimmy Vesey is going to play this season with the Preds or wait until August 15th when he can become a free agent and play with any team that offers.

Vesey finished his college career last Friday evening when his Harvard Crimson Hockey team was eliminated from postseason play in a 4-1 loss to Boston College.  David Poile and Predator representatives were in attendance at that game and released the following information shortly before the Predators game Saturday against Columbus on the Predators website:

"Nashville Predators representatives, including General Manager David Poile, were in Worcester, Massachusetts, Friday night to watch Harvard’s NCAA Tournament game against Boston College. Vesey’s exceptional college career came to a close as Havard was eliminated from the NCAA Tournament. At some point over the next several days, Poile and Predators’ hockey personnel plan to meet with Vesey, his family and his representatives to discuss and reinforce his opportunities to begin his NHL career with the Predators in the immediate future."

Since that time, both sides have been pretty much silent.  There was a tweet by Vesey on Saturday thanking Harvard:

Was an honor & privilege to wear Harvard across my chest for 4 yrs. I’m sad it’s over but grateful for everything it gave me #ForeverCrimson

There was an excellent article by Chris Peters of CBS explaining all the ins and outs of Vesey signing with the Predators.  He mentioned that there was no rush to sign Vesey, that perhaps he wanted to stay until after commencement on May 26th.  He would possibly miss out on playing for the Preds this season and burning a year of his entry contract but if money was his deciding factor he would have signed last season.

Of course, there are plenty of folks giving their opinion, but no one except maybe Vesey and his family knows for sure.  And I’m not even sure that they know at this time.  If you’ve ever played a sport, especially on a team that has high hopes, it can really be a letdown when the season is over.

This afternoon on 102.5 the Game on the Darren McFarland & Derrick Mason Show, they spoke to John Buccigross and he had some interesting things to say.  He mentioned that he spoke to Ted Donato, coach of Harvard and a former NHL player who feels that Vesey could easily be a 30-goal scorer in the NHL.  He has the physical game and soft hands of a big goal scorer.  He loved that way the Vesey never gave up even when the game was basically out of reach and continued battling.

Buccigross said that he could easily fit onto a top six line and be productive right away.  He also said that he has no inside information but his gut tells him that if he doesn’t sign this week he won’t sign.  His gut also tells him he will wait until after graduation and wait until late in the summer to make his decision.

For the fans, the worst part is the waiting.  We’ve seen and heard arguments on whether it would even be a good idea to disturb the chemistry on this team.  Our thought is that if you can add a potential 25-30 goal scorer, now is as good a time as any.

We can pretty much forecast that Twitter will be blowing up no matter what the decision is.  Especially in Nashville and a few other NHL Cities.  It should be interesting to say the least.

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One thing we know, you have to disregard almost anything you hear out of Boston or especially Toronto.  Vesey has ties to both but their fans are sure he will be wearing their colors on August 16th.  Of course, those delirious Toronto fans are positive that Steven Stamkos will be playing alongside him too!