Nashville Predators: Girard’s play could force Predators to make a trade

(Photo by Danny Murphy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
(Photo by Danny Murphy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

With only being 19-years old, expectations for Girard is proving to be better than advertised. Could he force the Nashville Predators to make a trade?

With great play comes greater responsibility. And, right now, rookie defensemen Samuel Girard is playing great. But, at 19 years of age, can he continue to play that way? All signs are pointing to yes, but if you have surpassed that age yourself, you know how things can change quickly. But, should he keep it going, the Nashville Predators’ hands will be forced to make a move.

Now, that is great power.

The stats don’t do it enough justice. Girard is performing at a high level considering his age. With three points, he is tied with Viktor Arvidsson for fifth on the team. Considering he has only played in three games, that is pretty good. Additionally, his 51.0 CorsiFor is nothing to sneeze at either. While I would like to see him be a bit more physical on the defensive end, obtaining a few more blocks and hits, he is making the most of his 19 minutes on the ice per game.

Decisions to be made

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There is one problem. His contract. Under his current agreement, he can play nine games and still be able to return to juniors. Also, should be on the roster for 40 games, the Predators use up one of his years toward being an unrestricted free agent. By the time we reach 40 games, Ryan Ellis should be back.

What does David Poile do? Someone will have to move, whether it is Girard returning to juniors, or something else.

I make a motion that Poile trade Alexei Emelin for a high-scoring winger. Do I have a second? Got it, female Predators fan sitting in a recliner, drinking cider, and reading Predators news before tonight’s game. Probably named Lucy. (I know this person, and it is not geared to depict anyone else.)

The Tennessean’s Adam Vingan said the same in this week’s mailbag.

The 31-year-old Emelin was part of the top line while with Montreal. Joining the Nashville Predators was solely to add depth to the roster. With Ellis’s injury, along with concerns about Roman Josi‘s health, the depth has been test. When everyone is back in full health, a roster spot must open for Ellis.

Sending Girard back my help him work on those things he may still lack, but his play on NHL ice is proving he belongs. He is the future of the Predators defense. Emelin is not. He is depth for the team. When everyone returns, that depth is not required. While he still has years left to play, he is not fitting the Predators roster. Right now, there appears to be a need for a winger that can find the back of the net.

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Yes, the Predators have Filip Forsberg, but there are questions after that. Another scorer could not hurt.