Nashville Predators: Latest Trade Makes New and Clear Statement for Predators

(Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images)
(Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images) /

If we know anything about David Poile is his ability to make a trade.Yet, no acquisition makes a statement like the one for Kyle Turris.

It came quick, shocking everyone in Nashville. We know to expect these things from Nashville Predators’ General Manage David Poile, but we did not see this one coming. It was a move full of sound and fury, and signifying something new for the Predators.

There are here to win it all. Now.

No other trade or transaction made by Poile announced the Predators intent to win on such a large-scale. Bringing in Kyle Turris provides depth to a solid center line. Now, it is one of the best groups in the NHL. From the top line to the fourth line, the Predators have players that can produce. Add that to the best group of defensemen and the team is set to win.

But, there is more here than just adding a 55+ point scorer.

More than meets the eye

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Shea Weber for P.K. Subban. Seth Jones for Ryan Johansen. James Neal for Patric Hornqvist. Trade after trade for draft picks. All of these trades pointed one thing for the Predators: build a team to get in the playoffs. Move after move to sustain and create depth. It was never about getting to the Cup Finals. Until now.

Why? All the other moves were player for player. Weber and Subban are equals in the value for the teams. As are Johansen and Jones. It was a piece for piece. Or, the trades were to gather prospects and build from within. But, after getting a taste of the Cup Finals, Nashville wants more.

The trade for Turris is not the same. First of all, the Predators allowed two prospects – very good prospects – to get a piece needed now. The team is not scoring as they would like. Turris comes in as the now third best scorer on the team. He transforms the roster. It will take time, but now Peter Laviolette has all the tools in the box to build four strong lines. It gives them the scoring and defense to win the Stanley Cup.

Additionally, Turris signed a 6-year, $36 million deal to remain in Smashville after this season. It was part of any deal Poile was going to reach. Had he reached the free agent market, Turris would be one of the hottest commodities. Yet, he chose to sign now, stay for years, and be part of the what is going on here. And, the way Poile uses his resources, signing another top free agent is not an option when needed.

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It is not just a move to sustain but to win at the highest level. It sends a message to the league. Now, let’s up the message transfers to the scoreboard and the standings.

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