Nashville Predators: The Five Predators you meet at Thanksgiving Dinner

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(Photo by Aaron Poole/NHLI via Getty Images) /
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The crazy uncle

There is always one. Every family has a crazy uncle, the one relative that knows everything about everything. They are philosophers, sports-betting geniuses, and well established fashionistas. And, while we opine about them during the days leading up to the holiday gathering, the event would be dull without them.

The obvious choice here is P.K. Subban.

Subban knows how to play hockey. And he does it well. While doing it, he doesn’t mind playing some mind games, frustrating his opponent. There was a moment during the win over the Winnipeg Jets in which Subban held the puck behind the Nashville Predators’ net, letting time tick off the clock. During this extended moment, he taunted the Jets by spinning back and forth, never leaving the net area. It was a great watch.

We know of his antics against Sidney Crosby. Whether or not the Listerine comment was due to a sponsorship already in place, it led to fantastic trolling. Add to his play on the ice his life off the ice, you have the makings of the crazy uncle. He has his own line of suits for a Canadian department store. His social media postings include travel and people from all over the world. He is a renaissance man.