Predators Trade Targets: Brenden Dillon Not Realistic

In less than two weeks the NHL Trade Deadline will be here. What will the Nashville Predators do, and who should they target, if anyone?

It’s up-in-the-air on what the Nashville Predators and GM David Poile are going to do at the trade deadline on February 24th.

They have several of their own they could deal, but how about who they should be targeting to maybe add to the roster? A defenseman definitely makes the most sense, and one thought swirling around is Brenden Dillon of the San Jose Sharks.

The Predators have the 30th-ranked penalty kill in the NHL, and give up the sixth-most goals per game at 3.27. It’s a joint effort between bad goaltending and horrendous defense in front of them.

We can only wonder what’s in Poile’s mind right now. My thought is he’s on the fence, but leaning towards being a major seller and replenishing for next season.

What Dillon offers

Dillon is a top mention among defensemen on the trade block. He’s due to be an unrestricted free agent this offseason on July 1st. He’s already said he wants to stay a Shark, per

I’m a Shark right now, hopefully I’m a Shark as long as I can be, and hopefully we can get winning.”

Most players are going to say that about their current team when brought up in trade rumors. Dillon has been with the Sharks for multiple seasons, and is one of those glue guys.

Dillon isn’t out there to pile up goals and light the scoreboard up. He’s a physically punishing player who plays tough on the penalty kill, has strong locker room presence and plays hard, grinding minutes.

This is exactly what the Predators could use right now, and what they sorely lack. But not if he’s just going to be rental player and giving up multiple draft picks and/or a top-six forward is required.

The Predators do need defensive additions and more physically bruising-type players. Just not convinced that a deal for Dillon is realistic unless the Predators surge up the standings in the next 13 days.

What price tag would make sense?

The market for Dillon is heating up, per Brian Witt of NBC Sports. There could be around six teams interested in the 29-year-old defenseman that went undrafted and has worked his way up the ranks of the Sharks organization.

You see teams mentioned like the Winnipeg Jets, Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers, among others. Can the Predators throw their hat in the ring?

Teams looking for that extra punch for the playoffs will be interested in adding a player like Dillon. He adds toughness and grit to your lineup, and valuable penalty kill minutes.

As for the Predators, they have six games left before the deadline to figure out if they’re one of those realistic playoff contenders.

If the Predators are in a playoff spot, or near one, then they should entertain maybe adding Dillon to the mix. They’d be getting a guy who piles up the hits, kills off penalties and brings leadership.

With that said, this is only true for a meager asking price and if the Predators are in the playoff mix after these next six games. There’s no point in giving up anything for a player that likely will be a rental.

This is probably a far-fetched and unrealistic deal for the Predators to target. If they were further up in the standings, then possibly.

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Dillon is considered a top-four defensemen by some, and his price tag will be higher than what I think the Predators should give up judging by their likely place in the standings at the deadline.

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