Nashville Predators: Year Of The (Outraged) Fan

Nashville Predators(Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
Nashville Predators(Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) /

This year has been deemed the “Year of the Fan” by the Nashville Predators. Have the fans stuck with the team throughout this season of ups and downs?

Nashville Predators fans have experienced a season of highs and lows, including a goaltender goal, a lacrosse-style goal and some high-scoring losses.

In a season dubbed “Year of the Fan” for the Nashville Predators, it’s definitely been one with a wide range of emotions even from game to game.

This season has been a roller coaster of emotions. A midseason coaching change, constant changes of lines combinations and always living on that playoff bubble.

However, there has been one constant that began around October of last year and that’s hatred towards the organization. This fake social media outrage has, at times, been directed towards everyone from General Manager David Poile all the way down to the team’s equipment managers.

Okay, I made that last part up. But still, it’s been a season full of outrage from the fans, and sometimes rightfully so.

There has even been an occasional disparaging remark made about Pekka Rinne. How dare you internet!

Just take a second to check out social media after a Nashville Predator’s loss. (Note…Facebook is not included in this editorial because the vitriol on that site is immeasurable).

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You’ll see a range of different opinions, comments and coaching tips. There is also the occasional fan that calls for the firing of the entire Predators organization.

Watch out third shift maintenance person who washes the zambonis. The inter-webs are coming for you.

In contrast, we can look at the same social media sites after a Predators win. 99 percent of the comments are glowing reviews of the player’s performance and the coach. You see things like “glad we are turning a corner” and “should’ve fired Lavi sooner”.

However, guess what happens after the next loss? Out come the “fire Hynes” comments and the flaming dumpster GIFs.

I get it. It’s frustrating to see our beloved team struggle. It breaks my heart to see Pekka hung out to dry or Matt Duchene struggle to get goals.

However, understand this. No matter how bad we as fans want the Predators to win, I can guarantee you that the players want to win even more. They have worked their whole lives to play at this level.

As fans, do we have the right to put forth our opinions on social media no matter how heinous our words are? Absolutely. As Americans, do we have the right to free speech? Without question.

All I ask is that we consider our words carefully, take others into consideration and always back your team even when you are frustrated.

More importantly realize that these guys are human beings who make mistakes. They are just like you and I except they drive nicer cars.

Go Preds! Keep making that playoff push and we’ll all rejoice in happiness together.