Nashville Predators: Ranking the Top Goaltenders in Team History

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In their 22-year history, the Nashville Predators have had some great goaltenders. Some of which carried the team to new heights.

With the sports world “on pause,” we’re going to take a look at the top-five goaltenders in Nashville Predators’ history and go down memory lane a bit.

“Goalie,” “Goaltender,” “Tendy,” and “Net-Minder” are all common terms that describe what may be one of the most challenging positions to play in the NHL. It takes an exceptional person who is willing to submit themselves to the type of abuse that goaltenders endure.

Imagine carrying and wearing heavier equipment than anyone else on the team. When goaltenders take the ice, every piece of equipment that they utilize is oversized.

Goaltenders are also required to carry all of this equipment while on skates, and with someone shooting a hard rubber biscuit toward them at speeds clocked at over 100 miles per hour.

Over the years, the Nashville Predators have been fortunate to have a good group of these sports “masochists.” Here is an unscientific look at our top-five.

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