Nashville Predators: Counting Down the Top Centers in Team History

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To help satisfy our craving for anything hockey related, we’re counting down our top true centers in Nashville Predators history.

The role of an NHL center is tricky and multi-faceted. The center is comparable to a quarterback of sorts, and the Nashville Predators have had some great ones over the years to quarterback their offensive attacks.

Being deep at the center position is also incredibly important, and the Predators have sometimes struggled to build that part of the roster over the years. They were able to build the position up more over the last decade with some high-level players.

The center’s role is to keep the puck moving and distribute it to other players.  They’re required to be good passers, fast skaters, and have an excellent defensive eye as well. While scoring is a huge plus, it’s not necessarily their main focus.

Here are the picks for our top centers in Nashville Predators’ history, with only one of them currently playing on the team, but another one looking to perhaps etch his name high up in team history in the coming years.

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