Nashville Predators: Top Players They Could’ve Drafted But Didn’t

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We all know that drafting in any professional sport isn’t an exact science, and that seems especially true for hockey. The Nashville Predators have made their fair share of both bad picks and awesome picks over their 23-year history.

The Predators are looking to rebuild the roster with an injection of youth in the coming seasons while also looking to remain playoff competitive. Drafting effectively is a must, and it appears that the recent draft picks they’ve made have a lot of promise.

The 2021 NHL Entry Draft is slated for July 23-24.

Nashville Predators have a mixed bag of results in their draft history

This was painful to look back on in some instances to see where the Predators totally missed out on drafting a franchise-changing player. For the purpose of this list, I chose to highlight players they missed out on that were picked just after the Predators picks.

I also focused more on misses the Predators made with their own picks, and didn’t include instances where the Predators made a great pick regardless of who ended up going afterwards.

With that said, the Predators definitely missed out on some great players in their history, as has every NHL general manager. Time to play some “Monday Morning Quarterback” and look back on some picks we wish the Predators had back.

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