Nashville Predators Acquire Another Young Project in Cody Glass

There’s a lot of disappointment swirling around on the return the Nashville Predators got from trading away Ryan Ellis just days before the Expansion Draft.

The Predators traded Ellis to the Philadelphia Flyers for what ended up being two players; Cody Glass from the Vegas Golden Knights, and Philippe Myers from the Flyers.

Glass is the more interesting acquisition of the two, and the one that could potentially have more upside. He’s got just 66 games of NHL experience, but at age 22, there’s no reason to close the book on this young man’s NHL career.

Nashville Predators adding to their “competitive rebuild”

The Predators are officially a youthful team now that has a bunch of projects on it. Players who can definitely end up becoming the new core of the team as they enter what we should go ahead and call a rebuild.

Glass was originally drafted in 2017 at No.6 overall. The expectations around him were understandably high, but the Vegas Golden Knights decided to already part ways with the young centerman.

This can end up being a very successful trade for the Predators down the road, but it’s going to take some time to fully see the reward. Glass has the potential to become a top-six center, which has always been something that the Predators have lacked in their history.

It’s not an instant upgrade swapping Ellis for Glass and Myers, but it’s one that’s necessary if the Predators are going to start the long climb back up to being a Stanley Cup contender.

The hard truth is the Predators have fallen way back over the past couple of years, and moves like this are what’s required to start that rebuild process.

Glass has only played 66 games so far in his young NHL career. He has 22 points, so not groundbreaking, but certainly not a bust, either. He has potential and a high ceiling, and that’s what the Predators are looking to acquire more of.

A former point-per-game scorer in the WHL, Glass is oozing with potential. Check out Glass’ highlight reel courtesy of

What really stands out in the Glass highlights is he can be a big presence in the offensive zone. His skating and shot are both areas that can only get better, but there’s definitely promise there.

I’m not sure where Glass will start off in the Predators lineup until we clear the expansion draft and find out who the Predators will lose. If it ends up being Matt Duchene or Ryan Johansen, then Glass could easily find himself in a top-six role immediately.

Honestly that’s not ideal for me. I’d like to see Glass start off in the bottom six and get more development in a smaller role, and eventually work his way up.

Much like how I originally felt when the Predators traded Nick Bonino for Luke Kunin, I’m feeling encouraged by the acquisition of Glass, a young talent that certainly can rise up to be a big part of this “competitive rebuild” that David Poile is calling it.