Nashville Predators: A Couple Teams to Cheer for Out East

Shea Weber #6 of the Montreal Canadiens skates during the NHL game against the Nashville Predators at the Bell Centre on March 2, 2017 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Nashville Predators 2-1. (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)
Shea Weber #6 of the Montreal Canadiens skates during the NHL game against the Nashville Predators at the Bell Centre on March 2, 2017 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Nashville Predators 2-1. (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images) /

Just in case our beloved Nashville Predators don’t make it past the Coyotes, we all need some backup teams out East to cheer for if things go south.

It’s almost impossible to believe, but there are other NHL teams that people like and root for besides the Nashville Predators.

The NHL moved one step closer to starting the playoffs last week by announcing “Phase 2” of the return to play plan. Until we have some Nashville Predators news to share, I am going to take a look at some personal “East Coast” favorites.

Just to make this very clear, the Predators are my team. There is no other team that I would rather see, win the Stanley Cup. If, for some reason, that doesn’t happen, we have to go with option number two.

The opinions stated in this article are mine and mine alone and are in no way representative of Predlines, as I know the other contributors will think this list sucks, except for the Shea Weber part.

Shea Weber

Former Predator Shea Weber remains a fan-favorite when the Montreal Canadiens visit Bridgestone Arena.  Weber spent eleven seasons in Nashville before being traded for P.K. Subban before the start of the 2016 season.

Many Predators fans wish that the trade had never happened so that Weber could retire as a Predator. At 34, the sun is setting on Weber’s career. This 24 team playoff format is a golden opportunity for Weber to have a chance at the Stanley Cup.

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Alexander Ovechkin

What’s not to like about Ovi? Alexander Ovechkin may be the greatest player of this generation. What would cap off a stellar season for this Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy winner? Hoisting the Stanley Cup once again and becoming a two-time champion.

I was fortunate enough to see Ovechkin play this past season in Capital One Arena. It was exhilarating to see one of the greatest players ever take the ice.

It’s incredible to think about how often Ovechkin scores from basically the same place every time. Other teams know this, but there is nothing they can do to stop him.

Zdeno Chara

Last but not least is one of my favorite players, Zdeno Chara. This 43-year old machine is probably one of the fittest players on the Boston Bruins roster.

At 6’9″ and 250 lbs, Chara is an imposing figure on the ice. Off the ice, I don’t think you will find a nicer human being, except for Pekka Rinne, and maybe Juuse Saros.

Chara has been in the NHL for a staggering 22 years. He won the cup in 2011. It would be nice to see him win it one more time before he retires, which could be pretty soon.

Columbus Blue Jackets

I’m adding the Columbus Blue Jackets to my list of favorites because I like their alternate jersey with the cannon on the front. It’s also pretty cool that they fire a cannon when they score a goal.

Seriously, it would be nice to see this team go far in the playoffs. Everyone wrote them off this season since the group was basically dismantled due to free agency.

Matt Duchene, Artemi Panarin,  and Sergei Bobrovsky all left the Bluejackets before the start of this season. Now with the 24 team format, the Bluejackets have a chance to prove everyone wrong.

Boston Bruins

Now it’s time for the ultimate betrayal. My favorite East Coast team is the Boston Bruins.

It’s confession time. I haven’t watched hockey my whole life. I watched it when I was younger but stopped watching around the time when Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were dominating basketball.

Cut to the trade deadline of the 2018-2019 season. I started watching hockey again because I also started watching a television show called Letterkenny.

For those who are unfamiliar, it’s a Canadian-based sitcom that takes place in the fictional town of Letterkenny, Ontario. It is also very hockey-centric. All of the hockey dialogue made me nostalgic for the real thing.

When I picked hockey back up, I was wavering between the Predators and Boston for a favorite team. I chose Nashville because it is close to home, I love the city, I knew that I would be able to go to some games, and well, to be honest, Pekka Rinne.

I can now say I am a loyal Predators fan through and through.

But that puts the Bruins as my favorite team from the Eastern Conference. I enjoy the history of the team, being one of the NHL’s “Original Six.”

I also really like Chara due to his toughness, leadership, and longevity. He doesn’t give up, and he treats all of his teammates like family, no matter if you’re a rookie or a veteran.

Another significant aspect of the Bruins that I admire is the “Perfection Line,” consisting of Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, and Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy winner David Pastrnak. They are one of the best lines in the NHL.

Next. Bring Eeli Tolvanen to the Playoff Roster. dark

I am hopeful that the NHL will be able to hold the playoffs this year. I will be an avid viewer if the playoffs happen and will be loudly cheering on the Predators.

It will be exciting to get to watch hockey again, no matter who is playing. These playoffs will be unique and unprecedented.

The winner of the Stanley Cup this season will need an asterisk by their name. The asterisk will signify that this has been the toughest NHL season to date.