Nashville Predators: Top 5 Worst Trades and Offseason Moves

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The Nashville Predators’ offseason has officially begun. While we are hopeful that the transactions that take place this year produce a Stanley Cup contender, the Predators have missed the mark with some of their past offseason acquisitions.

All eyes are on General Manager David Poile now that the Nashville Predators’ season is over. The team that he has spent years assembling hasn’t lived up to expectations despite being a talented roster.

The decisions that he makes in the next few months are crucial and will impact his future with the team, and if a rebuild is coming.

Poile has a tough and often thankless job. When an individual player makes mistakes, that player is critiqued. When the team loses the players and the coach face the criticism.

Poile takes the heat for the entire team when the Predators don’t perform as they should.

Poile’s job is to acquire the best players possible so that the coach has all of the pieces that he needs to produce a winner. The actions of the general manager are often a gamble. Sometimes you hit the jackpot, and sometimes you lose.

In an effort to continue to mold the current roster into a Stanley Cup winner, Poile has had a few miscues over the years. Let’s take a look at a few of the bigger ones.

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