Nashville Predators Puck Drop: The Show Must Go On

Welcome to The Puck Drop, a weekly roundup of all things Nashville Predators. We look at news stories, social media posts, and everything else that has to do with, cue Paul McCann, YOUR NASHVILLE PREDATORS.

Even though this season isn’t going according to plan for the Predators, the show must go on. The guys are professionals, and they have jobs to do.

The thing is, with their job comes the added weight of constant criticism, the pressure to perform at the highest level, and time away from loved ones. But, as I said, they are professionals.

The season is quickly getting out of hand for the Predators, coaching staff, and the front office. Time is running out for them to salvage this season and hope for a playoff spot.

And while many have given up hope, I guarantee that there is still hope in the Predators’ locker room. There has to be.

So let’s continue to cheer on our beloved team, wish them well, and let them know that even though they are having a tough go of it now, we are still behind them.

This week we look at yet another new baby Predator, Colton Sissons mic’d up, and a little comedy from the Predators’ broadcast crew.

Baby Josi. Baby, Baby Josi

Captain Roman Josi and his wife Ellie got an early Valentine’s Day present on Saturday when their son, Luca James, was born. This is the couple’s first child.

Several Predators have added new additions to their families, and a couple more are still on the way. Most recently, Mattias Ekholm and his wife Ida welcomed their second child.

Congratulations to the Captain and Ellie!!!

Colton Sisson, On The Mic

There’s no better way to get an inside look into your favorite sport than when players are mic’d up.

This week the Predators put Colton Sissons on the mic for their win against the Detroit Red Wings.

Sissons is a long-time player for the Predators and fans will never forget the Stanley Cup Final in 2017 and the berth of the phrase “Sissons Scored”.

Hal Gill, Back On The Ice

The Predators radio and television broadcast crew were ready to call Monday night’s away game against the Dallas Stars from Bridgestone Arena when the news came down that the game was postponed due to poor weather conditions in Texas.

Hal Gill decided to take the ice to relive some of his past glories. He received some “coaching” from fellow broadcasters Chris Mason, Willy Daunic, and Pete Weber.

Bridgestone Helps Promote Youth Hockey with Generous Donation

On Thursday, the Predators announced that Bridgestone was donating $200,000 to the NHL to help fund youth hockey programs that promote diversity and provide access to the sport.

Bridgestone’s donation will fully fund the youth hockey program for the Predators for one year. It will also provide funds to the Vegas Golden Knights to help build a hockey ball rink in Las Vegas to give children access to the sport.